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Zusammenfassung Wasser
Zusammenfassung Wasser


Together with you, we have already been able to save 7 million liters of water in 2023.

Your contribution to sustainability is priceless!


Your advantages



Enjoy on-site vehicle cleaning that takes place on your preferred date.


Water saving

Save an impressive 50-300 liters of water per vehicle.

Time saving

Benefit from more free time while we maintain your vehicle.


environmental friendliness

 Reduce water consumption to just 0.5 liters per vehicle.

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For companies

We are more than just a car wash company. We become the invisible part of your company, ensuring flawless vehicles without you having to lift a finger. Discover our mobile car wash - seamless, effortless and your secret recipe for brilliant success!

"The shine of a car should not shine at the expense of our planet"

-CEO Digno Ventura



In order to be able to answer any questions quickly, we have set up 24/7 telephone support for you. If you have any questions, please call us. We look forward to seeing you.

Environmentally friendly car wash


By using the MCW vehicle cleaning system, we can not only carry out thorough, sustainable and environmentally friendly vehicle care by hand, but also actively contribute to environmental protection. With conventional car washes, each car requires at least 50 to 200 liters of water, while our water-free care products make vehicle cleaning easier, safer and more ecological. This is particularly relevant as groundwater supplies 40% of total water needs and global demand for more water is increasing due to population growth and industrialization. In Germany, daily per capita consumption is around 120 liters, and car washing in particular contributes to waste.

As a zero-emissions company, we use profit shares from tree planting to offset CO2 emissions. Trees act like natural air conditioning systems, lowering the ambient temperature and generating energy without the need for electricity. Our tree planting initiative contributes to environmental conservation and protection.

I like the environmental aspects of your company and how you support the environment. I think it's nice that I can save time and at the same time contribute to the environment, because I hate driving to the car wash. It's so stressful, time-consuming and I always have to do it myself. That's why I think it's great that you exist!!!


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